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Information Security

Information Security or InfoSec is the practice of protecting information and digital assets by mitigating information risks. Information security threats come in many different forms. This includes Viruses, phishing attacks, Ransomewares, Unauthorized access, etc.

Thousands of organizations were attacked in 2018 alone and personal data of more than half a billion people were stolen by the attackers. This stolen data will be a great headache to the organization because it'll make people loss their trust over the organization and also can be misused by the attacker or the competitor.

We have a team of experienced Cyber Security Researchers, who are very passionate in defending cyber threats. Our team have been recognized by Tech Giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.

Hackproofing Process

  • Identifying organization's assets.
  • Evaluating the risks.
  • Deciding how to address or treat the risks.
  • Selecting or designing appropriate security controls and implementing them.